Camping checklist

Happy Campers family camping checklist
It’s not easy to remember everything when you go camping! There’s the usual stuff like the tent, sleeping bags and camping chairs you can get together in advance. But it’s the last minute things like the frying pan, phone charger or God forbid, the wine opener! that are so easy to forget when you’re rushing out the door.

Of course your definitive camping list will change depending on time of year, who’s going with you and where etc. As a starting point, take a look at our core list for our family (2 adults, 3 children). Feel free to save (right click and save) or share it with friends. You’re welcome!


Tent, rubber hammer, extra pegs
2 x double duvets, 1 x single, 2 x double mattresses, air pump, 5 x pillows, 2 x double sheets.


Cadac camping stove (2 ring), small 1 ring burner, bbq pit, grill, bag of charcoal.
5 x chairs, dining table, small low “coffee” table

Kitchen accessories

5 x plates, bowls, glasses (melaamine), spoons, forks, knives
Can opener, bottle opener, scissors, tongs, vegetable peeler, fish slice.
Chopping board, sharp knife.
Frying pan, 1 x big, 1 x small saucepan.
Extra gas for stove
Coffee pot
Cooler with ice packs
Tea towels, paper towels, tin foil
Basin, scrubber, dish soap, wire scrub.


Food basics

Pre ground coffee beans, teabags,
Nuts/snacks/fruit, olive oil (in plastic bottle), salt, pepper, sugar
Breakfast cereal
Tins of beans, olives, tomatoes.
Gallon of water



Everyone packs their own bag but I make sure everyone has the following:
One good warm top
Rain jacket
Sun hat and glasses
Extra footwear/wellies (weather dependant)
Warm woolly socks
Lots of knickers and socks



Swim suits, wetsuits, body boards
Buckets, spades, masks, snorkels
Hiking boots
Frisbee, football
Pack of cards



Small dustpan and brush
Extension cord (optional)
Torches, Matches/lighter
Toilet paper
Phone chargers
Plastic bags
Rope / clothes line and pegs
Washing powder
Clothes pegs
Kids backpacks
Maps, guide books