Inishwallah food truck on Inishbofin

Inishwallah food truck Inishbofin island

The best darn eaterie west of Galway city

Boy was I excited to get back to Connemara this July. The camp site was booked, the weather was glorious and the food mecca of Clifden beckoned. Little did I suspect that our most taste-buds exploding experience would be  at a food truck!

Inishwallah is an old London double-decker bus  parked up in the westquarter of Inishbofin island serving delicious Indian fusion street food. We had heard about it at our camp site, so got the 11am ferry from Cleggan, arriving just before midday and headed straight there  (about a 20 minute walk).

I ordered the insanely good fish stew – delicious chunks of pollack bathed in a rich tomato broth with an Asian twist and intense depth of flavour. You’re probably thinking….really, pollack? Not a fish you’d be going MMmmmm over. In fact, if I’d been told beforehand it was a pollack stew I would have ordered something else. Thankfully I wasn’t, and I got to taste what was probably one of the most delicious fish stews I’ve ever come across.

inishwallah fish stew
Pollack fish stew on Inishwallah

Ivan can never resist a fish taco, so went for the mackerel stick taco with a fresh coleslaw of marinated red cabbage and sweetcorn. Again, mackerel’s generally not a fish that makes my mouth water, but these little sticks were so delicately prepared and cooked, coated in a crispy but very light coconut batter. Every morsel sang, including the organic salad leaves (from their salad patch behind the bus) drizzled in a sesame oil dressing.

Mackerel tacos
Mackerel tacos

The kids got spicy meatballs and simple hot dogs. There’s also a lamb dish – reared locally on Inishbofin, beetroot burgers, homemade hummus, delicious flat breads and for afters, chef Kartika bakes a different cake every day.

Kartika is from Kerala in south India. She was born in the States and met her Inishbofin islander husband while living there. The food is prepared downstairs and you can sit upstairs in little boothes with squishy cushions or outside on wooden benches.

Inishwallah is open 12:30 – 5pm daily during the summer, and I think in to the early autumn. Check out their Facebook page.

Galway’s actually a bit of a hub for food trucks, read about more food trucks in Galway here.

Oh to be back there right now…

Inishwallah food truck

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